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Nathan Pajarillo

Nathan possesses over a decade of experience in military logistics management both as an enlisted man and as a federal Employee. During his 20 years of Naval Service he received numerous awards and recognitions. Fully understanding the needs of our military, he has created a company that addresses its requirements in a unique and customer oriented manner. Setting the tone for future growth and constantly searching for innovative solutions to reduce government costs, timely fulfillment of customer’s requirement, and reducing lead times to be in step with our troops and sailors. Nathan is dedicated to building strategic alliances with manufactures and wholesalers to provide cost-effective, quick and timely delivery for your office needs.

Nathan served in the United States Navy for two decades. During his enlistment he held several positions that reflected his supply chain knowledge and acumen. He served as a Stock Control LPO/LCPO aboard the USS Belleau-Wood, Sasebo Japan, as a Supply Analyst at SPAWARSYSCEN, San Diego, as a Stock Control Leading Chief Petty Officer with Assault Craft Unit-Five, Camp Pendleton, and onboard the USS Saipan LHA-2. Upon his retirement, he went to work as a Supply Analyst for the COMNAVAIRFOR while attending college. He continued to grow and held various positions in the U.S. Navy procurement arena. Nathan graduated from National University with a B.A. in Business Administration with concentration in Human Resource Management.

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